Stuart Nye Hand Wrought Jewelry

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These larger bracelets are extremely popular with any age group. They are large enough to get compliments, but small enough to wear comfortably, real show stoppers that will impress not only you, but anyone who sees them. We make the blossoms in Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass. All bands are in Sterling Silver. The Feather bracelets are one continuous piece.

Our Calla Lily jewelry line is one of the most unique and popular designs we have ever made. They have a timeless appeal that has kept them in style for our 81 years.

"Backward Loop" Earrings are the most comfortable you have ever worn. They are inserted into the ear from the rear and threaded through until the loop comes up behind the ear. They look like regular earrings but there are no parts to lose. You can shower in them, sleep in them and wear them for days and days.

* All Cross Necklaces come with 18" Sterling Chains 

*** NEW ***

We are excited to introduce our new line of Ball bracelets. These bracelets pop when you put them on and are going to be some our best sellers. They compliment our other ball designs and give you a fun and fresh look every time you leave the house. Enjoy!

We are excited to introduce our new line of Ball jewelry. We have taken our ball ring design and created a new line of earrings in Silver and Copper. They are an everyday earring that can be worn for special occasions as well. They're a fun, simple earring anyone might want to own. They come in stud post, drop post, drop French wire and threader designs.